Open-source Field Operation And Manipulation”, OpenFOAM in short, is an objective-oriented C++ toolbox widely used in both academic environments, as well as industrial companies, for the development of customised pre-/post-processing numerical utilities and solvers, in the area of continuum mechanics, and most importantly computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Starting around 5 years ago, OpenCFD & The OpenFOAM Foundation started to distribute Docker images of their recent releases, along with the traditional repository release.
Dockerized OpenFoam has many advantages, e.g.

  • no OF installation required,
  • consistent and isolated developing environment,
  • easy deployment and ability to run applications on different machines,
  • ability to work…

Ahmad Amani

Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Scientific Software developer, Machine Learning Engineer

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